Assisted Living Facility and assisted living residence, Florida Real Estate

Buying Assisted Living Facilities

If you are looking to get into the senior housing market, but are not completely sure how, we can help you find the right assets for your situation. We can help you find opportunities not yet on the market; recommend verified sources of finance; conduct due diligence; carry out property inspections; and provide marketing advice.

For Developers

Being an established and well respected development consultant for senior housing, we are used to collaborating and advising those who intend to invest in or develop senior housing projects. 

These projects can include: affordable housing; assisted living facilities; independent living facilities and communities; as well as communities catering for seniors with Alzheimer’s and memory care needs.

Medical Real Estate

Our Group is a leading medical real estate broker. For more than a decade, we have been assisting our clients in the purchase and sales of various medical real estate facilities. 

Our specialty is the sale or lease of offices and facilities for medical purposes throughout USA.

Our success has been based on the strong business principles that we maintain:


With medical real estate transactions, confidentiality is essential. We treat all business information with complete confidentiality and give even the smallest details the same respect. This lets us build a mutual trust and loyalty with our clients.

Superior Level of Return

We have a highly motivated team seeking innovative solutions to maximize returns on investments. We have an understanding of this business sector which is second to no other company. 

Our sector knowledge and experience means that we can capitalize from the dynamics of the medical real estate market: changes to client needs; regulation changes; and market fluctuations. 

There are many commercial brokers in this market; none of them understand it like we do 


We started serving our clients with specialist medical facility acquisition and sales consulting over a decade ago.

Over that time our Realty Group has witnessed an evolution in its business and organization. These changes have come about as our clients' needs have changed; due to regulatory requirements; or to adapt to market conditions.

We have always been aggressive in our search for solutions to meet the needs of our clients. We look forward to continuing our active role in helping buyers and sellers of medical real estate facilities.

Realty Group specializes in the sale and lease of medical and healthcare real estate and businesses. 

For instance, a medium to large sized facility providing residential care for seniors. This type of facility would typically be funded privately. Funds can come from various sources including pensions, insurance pay-outs, health plans, or contributing families. 

These facilities are also known as retirement homes, assisted living facilities, or board-and-care homes. Residential care facilities is the term generally used when describing facilities with higher capacities.

Case Study - Assisted Living Facility

We asked the owner of one of the country's largest Assisted Living facilities, what services we could best provide them. This is what they told us:

  • We give buyers exclusive access to a portfolio of well-researched and detailed senior housing facilities.

  • We introduce sellers to a network of potential buyers from all over the country. Buyers that are specifically looking for senior medical or residential facilities.

  • We offer developers a consulting service and introduction to experts within the sector to facilitate senior housing development projects. 

  • We help investors identify investment opportunities, both passive and active, within the senior housing market.

  • Our team of business consultants can help owners fine-tune their operations, maximizing the performance of their company. 

We embrace diversity, and respect human rights and viewpoints of all faiths; within our own team, with our clients, and among the wider community. 

Our mission is to serve our clients.

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